About space4god

Let’s get acquainted. The name of the blog is a little play on the name St. Paul’s Adult Christian Education. Adult Christian Education is a ministry of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Waldorf Maryland. Your blogger is Joseph Flynn. I considered posting anonymously, but that would be un-bold. Be accountable keeps me honest. The views are my own as I held them at the time I wrote them. I am always willing to be persuaded that other views are also valid.

St. Paul’s Church has its own web site, http://www.pineyparish.org/. The physical location is on Piney Church Road, naturally. In recent memory, the road was two lanes through pine woods, from end-to-end. For more information about the church, please visit the web site.

The focus of the blog is explained on the home page. A little bit of housekeeping – the blog is public and un-moderated, for now. We do expect posts will be on-topic and respectful. Please respect other participants, their views, and their beliefs.


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